F4U-1A part 3: cockpit details

Busy work + gnarly cold = slow progress. But I did manage to get some stuff in over the past week or so. 

Uncle Eduard helped fill in a lot of missing or poorly formed detail in the cockpit. 

The elevator tab wheel (at least I think that’s what it is) seems over scale, so I tried scratch building something a little smaller with punched styrene discs and a bit of lead wire. I’m going to try to smooth everything out with Mr Surfacer. 

I really like the detail on the Eduard instrument panel. It’s not super accurate for a Corsair, which had a relatively featureless IP, but I think I’m okay with that.

The base coat is Tamiya XF-69, NATO black, followed by Tamiya X-22 clear. Once that dried a bit, I did black oil wash around the bezels and a medium grey wash to pull out fastener detail. I still need to pick out buttons and add placards, etc.

Sitting on the ‘film’ with the actual instruments. I need to clean it up a little, but this just might work.

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