F4U-1A Part 5: The Oxygen Bottle

That oxygen bottle was really bothering me, especially once I worked out how it was in the prototype. Using a combo of J&L fine razor saw, a scalpel, and a Mission Models micro chisel, I carved it out. Gruesome! The riffler file (the weirdly curved file) helped me get in that spot to smooth out the remaining surface, though I’ll probably just fit in some .005 sheet styrene and call it a day.

Ooof! Gnarly!

A bit of Milliput epoxy putty helps fill in the missing chunk. Once it’s fully set, I’ll sand it down to shape. Worst case, I’ll snip off the nozzle bit altogether, flip it over, and start over with new nozzle detailing on the other end so any misshapen bit is tucked out of the way.

It’s a stupid detail that no one will notice, but it makes me so much happier.

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