F4U-1A Post 6: Oxygen Bottle redux!

Apparently my sculpting skills are a bit feeble. That, plus I wanted to play with a new toy, so I didn’t really try that hard to get the kit oxygen bottle in shape, but instead decided to start from scratch.

A nice length of sprue is our material.

Chucking it into a cheapo Chinese mini drill press with a file as a kludgey vertical lathe, I first turned it to get the radius I wanted…

…then used varying grit sandpaper to round the ends. For the second end, I trimmed it to a little over length and then flipped it, and chucked the round end in, just hand tightening to turn.

To drill the hole for the nozzle, I used the drill press as a drill press, with small bit carbide bits. Again, just hand tighten. That way if the bit snags, it’s less likely to break. The white stuff is a bit of an old sponge to keep the vise from damaging the soft plastic work piece. 

To make the nozzle, I used Albion aluminum tubing. I first had to drill a hole in the side of the vertical part so I could have a positive connection to the actual nozzle part.

The almost finished result. The nozzle valve is just punched .05 styrene, and the neck is the next size down Albion tubing. The straps are from the Eduard detail set. I need to touch up the paint, which got a little dinged while getting the straps on, but I figure it would be pretty banged up anyway if the ground crews have to regularly pull it to recharge, so I’m going to do chips and dings. This will get attached to the console when I mate it to the back bulkhead.

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