F4U-1A Post 8: Washes and whatnot

One more mini-update from the plane en route to holiday celebration (and away from this build, just as I’m starting to get momentum… argh!). Washes!

I really hate making things glossy—it just looks wrong to me when we’re talking about a fighter plane. But I really love what washes on a glossy surface can do, so I grin and bear. That cowl ring, for instance, even with that awful glare, has so much definition now. 

This time I tried using Tamiya X22 gloss, instead of Future because I didn’t want to have to wait 24 hours to apply the wash. I let the Tamiya gloss set for a few hours, and then went in.

I’m a bit old school, I guess, in that I’m using oil paints and mineral spirits instead of purpose produced products for washes. I’m completely prepared to believe that they’re easier to use, but there’s something about concocting it yourself that appeals to me. 

The chair finally made it onto the bulkhead. There isn’t a lot of surface area on the attachment points, so I used five minute epoxy for a stronger joint. While it’s a debatable use of effort, I think the tubular framework represents the real thing a lot better, and will be at least somewhat visible in the end. This will look a lot better with highlights picked out, matte, and with seatbelt.

Sidewall. Kit detail with solder and stretched sprue wiring. I was going to scrape all this out and scratch build new with a little more depth and fidelity, in the case of the boxes, and a slightly lighter touch, in the case of spars, but sense got ahold of me. 

And the other side. The kit detail on the throttle box is really rudimentary, so I scratch built new. It’s still a bit under-detailed, because there should be three levers coming out. I might revisit. The placards are from aeroscale. I left the ejector pin mark because it will be hidden by the console. 

I’m almost ready to finally get the cockpit pulled together. At the very least, I can’t wait for everything to get back to matte. 

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