F4U-1A Post 10: Engine redux!

It came to my attention that the Quickboost engine is under scale, so I measured. It’s a little over 9 scale inches—or 17%—short. That’s more like 1/58th scale than 1/48. I’m not all that fussy about ‘to the rivet’ accuracy, but that’s a bit too much for me.

As long as I was measuring, I compared to the kit engine and an R2800 resin set from Verlinden I inherited in an eBay transaction.

It turns out none of them are right:

  • Quickboost: .912″ which is equivalent to 43.776″ scale inches
  • Tamiya: .980″ is a little over 47 scale inches
  • Verlinden is the closest, at 1.055″, or 50.64 scale inches. 

I had some thoughts about using the Verlinden, but despite being closer to scale, it’s really not much of a step up from the Tamiya—the molded in push rods kind of ruin it for me.  

I have a R-2800 set from Vector on the way. Hopefully that will be better.

About that seat

Apparently, when I said “I’ll go back and clean that up a bit”, what I meant was “take two steps back.” The other morning I had a few minutes and thought “I’ll just go in and knock that out…” (Spoiler alert! Bad idea!)

As I was touching it up, I started trying to clean up an errant blob of CA, and a poorly executed repair on the support pole, and just started making things worse, eventually breaking one of the shoulder harnesses in a way that will be hard to cover. 

Luckily, Ultracast seats come in twos, and I had another set of shoulder harnesses left over. Naturally I had to ‘correct’ the cross bar on the support, which should sit at the back of the junction fixture, not in the middle as molded. I cut it out, filed out groves, and then CA‘d a length of 0.020″ styrene rod. 

I should have it back to zero—except hopefully better than before—soon, but I’ll probably rethink how I address the harness.

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