F4U-1A Post 14: The airframe

With the engine wrapped up, it’s time to finally turn my attention to the airframe. I got the fuselage buttoned up, which feels momentous. Huzzah! I had been holding off on that until completing the engine in case I had to do something surgical to mount it. As mentioned above, all that needed to happen was cutting off the flange on which the kit exhaust manifold part mounts and then filling in with styrene.

I’m not sure this is all that important, but to give more surface area to the connection point of the engine, I cemented .040 styrene sheet across the inside, and then .040 and .010 discs laminated together on top, so that it’s flush in front.

To fill in the void left by cutting off the rudder (way back in October!) I roughly cemented styrene sheet, and then filled in with Milliput. It’s going to take a bit of back and forth to get the rudder to fit in snug with the vertical stabilizer. 

I also got the some of the details picked out in the wheel wells to get the wing root subassembly ready. This looks pretty good from a distance, but the detail is a bit mushy up close from insufficiently controlled application of CA. I’ll probably try a wash and maybe a little chipping here and there to at least give the illusion of crisper detail. 

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