F4U-1A Post 21: Odds and ends

The main struts, now with break lines, covers, and a dirty wash (Black Tamiya Panel Line Accent FTW). I also got the masks on the covers, cut with the Silhouette. 

Quickboost resin wheels. The rubber is approx 90% XF-1 to XF-2, followed with a light mist of Buff with a little black added. The treads and hubs then got Dark Brown Tamiya Panel Line Accent.

Starting to detail the panels on the wings: black for active panels (moving panels such as ailerons, or gun access covers) and a mix of dark brown and grey for passive joins. I’m trying to avoid the uniform, all over panel line effect. 

I’m almost ready to get a flat coat down, and then will start in with oils for more fading (esp the insignia, which are a bit hysterical at the moment) and grime. 

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