F4U-1A Post 22: Into the rabbit hole!

Before we move on, it’s a quick trip back into the rabbit hole! 

Somehow the rudder antenna mast broke off. Rather than craft a new one from styrene, I decided to machine one from brass (I’m learning how to use a micro lathe, so am always looking for opportunities to play). 

First I turned to the diameter, then filed to shape. (I’m not yet very proficient with the lathe, so this took a few tries.)

I drilled a hole and CA’d in. Black rubber infused CA from Bob Smith to fair over. 

But after all this messing about with the rudder, I’ve lost pretty much all the ribbing detail, and the trim tab actuator is a bit mushy.

Silhouette to the rescue! Kind of. I traced a blue print of the rudder in Illustrator. 

I didn’t want to blow through too much styrene messing about, so cut .015 evergreen sheet bit shallow, but then was able to use the Silhouette cut lines as a guide to cut out with a knife. 

I filed the rudder part smooth, and then glued on the ribbing with Tamiya Extra Thin. Here we are starting to shape the new detail. This got further refined, along with fixing some of the soft lines in the profile (under the lip in front, above the trim tab, and there’s a flat spot behind the arial. 

That’s alls I got. I’m really looking forward to moving on to proper weathering, so hopefully will not let myself get too distracted with these tangents. (There is that bomb rack…) 

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