F4U-1A Post 23: A can of worms in the rabbit hole

Rudder on with trim tab, PE actuator (via Eduard), scratch built fairing from .020″ rod, and rescribed panel. Also added copper wire for the long trim tab actuators on the elevators, which I had to cut when I removed from the horizontal stablizers. 

Looks okay. But after staring at reference photos for hours, neither the rudders nor elevators look quite right.

It’s hard to see with the black primer, but the ribs look a lot like the molded kit ribs, but not so much like a real Corsair, where they’re super thin:

I’m thinking the ribs might be better represented with bits of wire faired in with CA.

(The problem with references is you can’t unsee this stuff.)

Also, the elevators don’t quite line up. It’s not noticable except from below, but as long as I’m messing with them, the molded actuators are bugging me. On the prototype, they have a really distinctive angle shape:

I reckon fixing the rudder (again) and elevators will make for a fun weekend activity…

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