F4U-1A Post 24: Weathering, mostly

Okay, so that was not a fruitful rabbit hole, and the worms in the can were rubbish. I’ll spare you the shenanigans, but I finally decided life is short and I kind of want to finish this build before I hit it’s year anniversary in mid-October. I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately, which makes bench time even more sporadic, so I’ll have to master the fine art of scratch building fabric control surfaces another time. 

I got another copy of the kit and started over with the rudder and elevators. Now that I had more clarity around how to approach this, cleaning these up was pretty painless. Reworking the tab actuators was also straightforward. For the small ones (left top and right bottom) I used PE from the Eduard set. For the large ones (rudder, top right and left bottom) I used thin copper wire with CA to build up the ‘elbow’ and section of the arm that goes into the tab. 

Oil paint weathering.  I need to get the cockpit a little filthier.

Windsor and Newton artist color titanium white with a little mineral spirits to further fade. A little grey and burnt ochre for grime and dirt. Filbert brushes FTW (will discuss in more detail another time).

The exhaust stains are interesting. The cooling panel directly aft of the exhausts folds out, creating a little ridge that blocks most of the fuselage, cutting the stain sharply.

The above reference has a lot of grime accumulating on the underside fuselage aft of the window. I may build up a bit more there. I did build up some general filth and spatters. The shell casing ports got a bit of diffuse darkening, which better matches what examples I’ve been able to find than clear streaks. The actual gun ports are going to get ‘taped’ over.

The only real construction project on this left is the bomb and rack. Will be working on that next.

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