F4U-1A Post 26: A grab bag of Stuffs

Bench time has been even more sporadic than usual, so less procedure and more marking activities this time.

Re-did the bomb rack support bars with the next size down (.8mm) brass tube. Looks much more the part.

Painted and weathered the bomb, which also got PE fins from the Eduard set. The stencils are DIY decals. Note the mounting lugs.

Odds and ends… identification lights. Punched holes in Tamiya tape with a MicroMark punch set, then sprayed Tamiya transparent red, green, and orange, followed by a few coats of Aqua Gloss to make them feel lensy.

The building jig is a recent acquisition from a guy in the Ukraine who sells laser cut wooden modeling items. It’s weirdly useful. I’ll review it separately.

Landing gear on! Bomb and rack on! It’s looking kind of like an airplane.

Need to dirty up that propeller a bit.

I tried to do the gun port tape with painted decal stock, but couldn’t get it to work. This is Tamiya tape painted a light grey.

I wasn’t that fussy about placement, figuring the crews would kind of slap them on, but I’ll probably go back and them a little neater.

That cockpit is looking a little clean. Need to think about how to address that. Also need to get some better oil/fuel staining around the fuel cover.

The wheel wells are filthy.

Should be landing this pup soon…


Narrator voice: He won’t be.

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