F4U-1A Post 30: Bullet proof

I decided to scratch build the armored glass.

The part that comes with the kit isn’t accurate—it should only cover the top third or half of the windscreen instead of going all the way down—and besides, I dropped it in the cockpit, whereupon it fell through the open floor into the bowels of the fuselage.

This was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. There’s two things to deal with here: 1. the glass itself, and 2. the mount.

For the former, I took a bit of thin clear plastic from a package lid. The hard part here was getting it square. The way I did that was to cut one side, then get a 90 degree angle with a square so I had two edges that were perpendicular. From there, I could measure out my width and height. Getting a precise angle is going to be hard that small, so instead I measured how far in I needed the top to be, and then cut to that.

For the latter, I tried a few things, starting with trying to build up strip on the clear part, or just adding the cross brace perpendicularly to the clear part. This just ended up making a mess. What I finally did, was form two L parts with .020 styrene cut into thin strip. paint that, and then finally glue with Gator Grip. This actually worked pretty well. 

I let that cure over night (well, more like a week, what with work and life) and then used Gator Grip to attach it to the windscreen.

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