F4U-1A Post 31: Wrapping it up

And all at it once, it’s just about done. Feels like a regular Christmas miracle. (It actually would be done by Christmas, but I’m traveling this week… definitely before New Years.)

The forward mast had snapped off in The Incident, so I fabricated a new one from brass rod, basically following the Budzik protocol. Rigging is via EZ-Line.

The insulator off the rudder is Albion aluminum tube. The procedure was to CA the line to tubing which was inserted into a hole drilled behind the canopy. I then ran it through the insulating tube, CA’d to the rudder mast, then back through the insulator so both the feed and return feed through, and then finally to the forward mast. This was easier than it sounds.

The propeller is bugging me. I somehow and mysteriously lost the kit part, so this is a resin aftermarket Hamilton Standard really intended for F6F, etc. and the blades are a bit short for a Corsair. I didn’t quite place the HS logos quite right  (the one on the bottom blade… yikes) and just noticed. When I got a second copy of the kit after failing to scratch build the control surface detail, a new propeller came with it, so I’m probably going with that. 

Here’s the armored glass peeking out.

Just fixing the propeller and adding the pitot tube, and I’m calling it done. 

But, of course, finishing the darn airplane isn’t the end of the project…

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