Versimilista is a build log with occasional tangents on tools, materials, process, and technique. Some of the posts unpack detailed steps in achieving an effect. I don’t think I know better than you how to do anything, but I do know a good way to learn something is to try to explain it. I’m going to get stuff wrong, and that’s okay. I’m also really slow. Partly because life and partly because I routinely have to do everything three times to get a result close to what I’m looking for.

IRL, I’m an advertising executive living in Brooklyn with my wife, and two boys, who both have a passing interest in scale modeling. Like a lot of scale modelers, I’m in my 40s and have recently started building again after a 30 year hiatus. And like a lot of scale modelers, my standards and commitment to craft are a little different now than they were way back when.